Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rest in Peace, Ricky V

I just heard that my friend Rick, who was barely older than me, died of a heart attack yesterday. He was a good friend.

He was a good friend because he would always turn into the most emotional guy ever, after about 4 drinks. Many a night he told me he loved me and got teary and swilled another gin and tonic while chomping on a cigar. That was usually when he would start offering to buy me scotch, or sketch, depending on your understanding.

Speaking of scotch, he was a good friend because he made the most daring bets. He spent more than a few nights sitting at my table making outrageous bets while playing poker. Sometimes he won. Usually, he lost.

He always brought good beer.

He once bet me a bottle of scotch that he could beat me at a game of Air Hockey, and he was determined to win. Given my prowess at air hockey, it was a fool's bet, and I never actually collected my reward. Not that it matters now.

He was a big friendly guy who would always share what he had, no matter how broke he was. I always admired that about him.

Rest in Peace, my old friend.


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