Monday, June 11, 2012

Rounds for Tuesday June 12th!

Greetings all!

Here's this week's rounds:

1) In The Year 2525 10 pts
2) Wordy Satan 10 pts
3) Match- Barber Stylizes Ice 14 pts
4) Chemical States Round 16 pts
5) Dead Or Canadian 11 pts
6) Picture 15 pts
7) General Knowledge 24 pts

As always, please arrive early for the best rounds, and the show will start at 8!  Please note that there is a Cubs home game tomorrow night, so please plan ahead!  See you tomorrow!


Blogger Milanista said...

I am lucky! However, my husband is constantly reminding me of how lucky I was to get to see her, and how he’s the one that made it happen. I’m pretty sure I’m going to owe him for the rest of our lives. Totally worth it.

12:54 AM  

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