Monday, November 15, 2004


I'm turning and facing the strain, ch-ch-changes.

After last week's post about how unhappy I am about having to adjust my new diet, I've decided to start buckling down and making myself eat healthier. It's either that or the untimely end of Logan's Dave, something I don't want to fathom. So, I've been doing some research and checking out recipes. Mind you, a person as culinarily challenged as I am will need some serious help in learning how to cook said recipes, so I'm warning my talented-at-cooking friends that I will be calling on you to help me translate from recipe to something I can understand. This will merit extreme patience on your part, and I apologize and thank you in advance. Anyways, I'm headed to Borders after work to buy myself a hearth-healthy cookbook, then I'll probably have to find a "Recipe Reading for Dummies" book(if one exists) so I can understand what they're trying to tell me. after that, it's home to do laundry and stop by the grocery store. Tonight's dinner will be salad, as I don't have time to shop for anything else. I think I'm going to restock my winerack as well- its ranks were pretty severely thinned over the weekend.

The good news, at least today's good news, is payday. And this paycheck won't be used to travel, at least, not travel outside of Thanksgiving. What I'm saying is there's no airfare involved for the first time in a while. No souvenirs. I should probably get around to paying the gas bill, anyways.

Oh- and if anyone knows of a good recipe to make a non tomato-based pizza sauce, I'm all ears!


Blogger jen said...

OOOoooooo, I can't wait for the phone calls.

"Zesting, WTF is zesting?!!!! I'll zest YOU Mr. Lemon"


"Now it says to 'poach' a chicken breast....what if I already bought some, I don't have to go steal one off a free-range right?"

1:09 PM  

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