Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Well, like Operation Iraqi Freedom, not quite, but good enough for me for right now. I've finished all but one of my rounds for pub quiz tonight, the last one I can't do at work, but will have an easy time doing when I get home. If you're planning on going tonight, be warned that there will not be a picture round tonight, because I haven't gotten around to replacing my printer's ink cartidges yet, so there's no color prints(or black and white, for that matter). Fortunately I have a second printer, but it's only black and white, so bear with me tonight, ok?

I think I wrote a good quiz for tonight. Last week's was too hard. This week's, I think it's pretty easy. We'll see.

So, my day started off pretty well, until a few minutes ago when I noticed that my watch was catching on the Number One Super Tie- pulling on various threads in my tie at least 4 times, and, possibly ruining my favorite tie. So, if there are any sewing/fabric geniouses who read my little corner of cyberspace, please let me know how I can fix my favorite tie.

And before I forget, I wanted to remind everyone of one of my favorite nuggets of "so-called" wisdom from last year, the 10 Myths and Realities of the Tech Desk Worker.

More later.


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