Friday, March 18, 2005

Hooray for Blogger!

I just now, all of 10 minutes ago, managed to get my post from 4:30 yesterday to go through.

I know. I bitch too much about blogger, and certain friends of mine with much cooler heads remind me that I should be saving posts in Notepad and being patient.

I guess I'm too stubborn. Or maybe just too grumpy. After all, I do like to call myself the Angriest Man in Chicago, or I used to, before I was put under doctor's orders to lower my blood pressure. Now I'm trying to let things go much easier and not get mad so easy, but it's hard to change stuff like that. Perhaps I need to start fencing again. Good stress relief. Maybe I should finally bite the bullet and get myself a Slam Man so I can punch away my frustrations and get a good cario workout. Or maybe get my old construction job back, where I had so little to worry about, and I got to break shit all the time. Although the pay isn't much to live on, at least I was having fun.

Maybe I should take a vacation. Maybe Toronto. Maybe a weekend at my grandparents' farm. Maybe I'll take the first nice weekend, grab a couple friends, and go canoeing. There's nothing quite as relaxing as spending a Saturday afternoon with a case of beer and a nice, slow-rolling river to canoe down.


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