Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oh, sweet irony.

I'm not trying to be sarcastic or ironic when I say that I love irony. I think it's a function of my twisted sense of humor, but the jury's still out on that. I mean, who else would pay a bartender five bucks to bartend with his pants down?

That's right. Only me. Well, I'm sure lots of other people would too, but- ah, to hell with it. It was funny. I guess you had to be there.

So, after work yesterday, in the balmy 46 degree weather, I walked over to After Hours Formalwear at Adams and Wabash to get measured for my Barong for Wendy and Joey's Wedding. As you can see from Joey's entry, there's some relatively funky measurements to be made, so as the guy was finishing up, he said to me "that's one for the books." I laughed. We shared a good chuckle, and I left. They were, by the way, nice enough to not charge me for measurements. I like that.

The funny part about that is my roommate, soon to be ex roommate works in the same building, so I sent him a TM to see if he could sneak off for a drink. At the same time, I was TMing another friend to see if she wanted to go to the Wolves game with me. Neither wound up happening, so I decided to hop the train home.

What was ironic is that a hip, 30-something Chicagoan as myself who uses public transportation on a daily basis almost made a very dumb mistake. I just hopped on the train, as I would at any other stop, and away we went. Fortunately for me, I heard someone on the train say "this is a Green Line train" before I wound up somewhere on the west side, having to turn around and come back. When I finally did get home, I was blessed by the CTA stork, and found that ChicaGo Card, Jr. had arrived in my mail box, to take over where ChicaGo Card, Sr. left off on Monday. The irony in this situation is that I had, on Tuesday, purchased a old-fashioned dippy card and put $20 on it, so I'm stuck with that for a few days. I hate the dippy cards. I love my touch-card. I'll bitch about this for another $14.25, just so you know. Hopefully I'll have Junior in full swing by Tuesday, though.


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