Thursday, May 12, 2005


For some reason, lots of things Texan in nature are coming up today.

First off, a friend of Jen's, who lives in Texas and reads my blog(finally solving the mystery I was dealing with- who from Texas reads my blog?) sent me a couple e-mails this morning, including an entry in the Dave/Jen trivia quiz.

Second, I finally got around to reading the Onion(sometimes I forget it is Wednesday), and in the opinion page:
"If we outlawed everything some people find offensive, there wouldn't even be a Texas in the first place."

Third, as I'm reading through Dan Savage's column, I came across this:
I work in an office at the Texas House of Representatives. Last week, the house passed an amendment to the Child Protective Services bill saying not only that gay people can't be foster parents, but also that if you already are a foster parent and are discovered to be gay, your children will be taken away from you. This week, they passed a bill to amend the Texas Constitution to invalidate any legal agreement similar to marriage for same-sex couples.

Every day, the Texas house opens its session with a prayer. Representatives bring in pastors from their districts. The prayers usually sound something like, "God knows what he wants you to do today... let God guide you in your important decisions..." I was wondering, if you were to write a prayer invoking the name of God before the Texas House of Representatives, what would you say?
Gay Government Employee

"Dear God, deliver me from Texas."

Now, I've been to Texas, and I have friends who are from there, or have lived there for extensive periods of time, and I gotta tell you, never have I had this strange planetary alignment where all things Texas pop up in one day. I'm almost afraid to go to CNN or Fark for fear that I'll be reading more and more about Texas, where the only things I've learned to dislike are the presidents it produces and the hockey team they claim to love so much, which was stolen from me. Ok, that may be a truncated list, but I just wanted to make a point or something. I lost track.



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