Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feelin' Groovy

For a myriad of reasons, but first, a minor rant.

My CTA train stop nearest work, Quincy is now sporting ads on, of all places, the turnsile arms (or whatever they're called). They are ads for Geico, a car insurance provider. Hm. Somehow, I don't think those of us using the CTA to get to work are necessarily your demographic, but I could be wrong. I am not a marketing expert, but I find the ads gaudy and out-of-place, especially in a station that is as historic as that one.

Anyways, I stayed late after quiz last night, waiting for friends of friends who are moving to Chicago, and wound up playing darts and being a general idiot about my lack of sleep. I was, however rewarded by a warm, well-timed, gentle kiss which made my night. Am I expecting romance to follow this kiss? Perhaps. I'm not closed to the opportunity, certainly, but I am a touch more cautious than I was, say, in April. Remember, back when the phrase "damn the torpedoes" and "why not her" came very commonplace in my vocabulary.

By a touch, of course, I mean a shitload more cautious. And, I'm trying to keep my options open right now. Sounds slutty, doesn't it?

Oh well.


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