Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh Captain My Captain

As I reported back in this post about the hockey game this weekend, I felt the absence of one Steve Maltais from the Wolves roster. After doing some research, I finally came across something I didn't want to read, over on the Wolves message board:
PEORIA - RIVER READINGS: The St. Louis Blues sent five players to the Rivermen after a preseason game Saturday night at Kansas City, Mo. They are left wing Peter Sejna, center Trent Whitfield, right wing Mike Glumac and defensemen Brendan Buckley and Doug Lynch. ... Rivermen coach Steve Pleau said defenseman Trevor Byrne had an excellent game. Pleau called Byrne the best player on the ice, for either team. ... Longtime Chicago winger Steve Maltais is not returning for a 17th season; he has decided to retire. The Wolves are amid a makeover, with 17 players from their 2004-05 AHL roster gone. ... Former Rivermen right wing Jason Notermann was in Chicago's lineup. ... Rivermen defenseman Aaron MacKenzie was wearing the captain's "C" for Peoria. ... St. Louis director of pro scouting and Peoria general manager of hockey operations Kevin McDonald was in attendance, as was ECHL Alaska coach Davis Payne

I'm a little pissed. This man helped our team win 3 championships, and wore the Captain's C for longer than any other player in team history- hell, he's basically worn it the entire time there's been a team! No fanfare. No Steve Maltais day. No retired jersey. What gives?


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