Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh what a beautiful weekend.

A little more than a year ago, I pondered what I would do if I were to move back to the ancestral home, that is to say, back to rural Illinois, where my heart and my family is. I wondered the same thing this weekend, as I was chatting with my family, eating Thanksgiving dinner, and driving back to Chicago. Would I, an urban, semi-hip bald man be able to find a role in the rural society? Maybe. I could try, at least, and come running back to the big city if things didn't work out, I suppose. A rather odd situation, no?

Anyways, I hit the road at about 8:30 on Thursday, and cruised out of Chicago. Note to self: next year, drive out on Thanksgiving Day- no one else does. The usual trip out on the Eisenhower, which is about 45 minutes, took about 20. I kept repeating to myself "if this isn't nice, what is?"

I arrived at my grandparents' farm at 10:35 and asked right away if I could help, which was not necessary at all. My grandmother rises almost every morning at 5:15 and starts her day. She was well into preparations, and well past any assistance I could have provided. I went downstairs to play pool with my grandfather and uncle and wait for lunch to be served.

What a feast! I piled my plate high and wide twice before going back for pie. My doctor would have cried seeing how much I ate, but at least I can say that most everything came from scratch and was damn good. I sat with my aunt and her friend and watched football before retiring to the basement again for a crazy 9-ball pool tournament with my uncle before heating up leftovers for dinner, playing with my cousins and having some beer before retiring.

Friday, I took my grandparents to see Walk the Line. They loved it. I got to see more of the quality of the movie as well. I was pretty damn happy. Afterwards, I went over to my father's parents' house for dinner and talk, including a more in-depth history of my step-grandfather's role in the Battle of the Bulge. We stayed up past their bedtime talking about everything. I didn't get home until midnight, had a beer, and went to bed.

I spent Saturday watching movies, playing pool and relaxing. I love my time out on the farm- so quiet and isolated. I eventually ventured back into town to see my other grandparents again, and headed out for dinner with my aunt, uncle, two of their friends, and my twin cousins where our waitress spilled water all over myself and my aunt. We were less than happy, but more than happy to put back 3 pitchers of crappy beer. We hosted their friends back at the farm, playing (guess what) pool well into the night.

Sunday, I woke up, and drove home. I started feeling the yearning to stay before I even got to the tollway back to Chicago. That feeling didn't go away until I got back home, had myself a Guinness and realized that I'm happy as can be in the city. For now.


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