Friday, February 10, 2006

Mental Health Day

On Tuesday, I suggested to my boss that I should have today off. He initially shook his head no, until he realized that having been Mr. Go-To for the month of January, and so far, for February, that I probably did need a day off to rest my poor, unhappy self and maybe get some serious drinking done. I was, as I mentioned yesterday, having friends come in, but I didn't expect a huge night out, because they had their 4-year-old, my super-good buddy G with them.

I didn't know that her parents were coming through town as well. I also didn't know that we were going to drop off said 4-year-old with his grandparents and head back to the city for more and more drinking.

Basically, my old excuse of doing what the pretty girls tell me to do, got me out late, and kept me out late. We did karaoke, and another attempt was made at getting Take Me Home Country Roads sung for Ceerock was made, but thanks to some superbly bad timing, I was talking with the bartender when my name was called, and my friends sang in my place. The bartender and I were discussing the Goliath incident, and we were deep in conversation before I heard the chorus being sung by my friends.

Some other folks suggested that we head to the Oakwood, a 4am bar about 4 blocks from my house, a plan which I nixed rather quickly, as I knew that more drinks would make me feel even worse in the morning, and I was already anticipating a rather nasty hangover for myself.

This hangover, which I knew I was going to have, wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was. Of course, I slept through it. I slept through a lot of things. I, my friends and dearest readers, actually managed to sleep past 4. Hell, I slept past 8. Ok, let's just settle it. I slept past noon.

I haven't slept that late in eons. Probably not since my last knee surgery, where I spent several days in a drug induced stupor.

So my day today has been nice, relaxing, and well-deserved. My cat, as she is apt to be, is thrilled that I'm at home, and hasn't really left my side all day. She is currently laying on my chest as I type this. Sometime soon, however, I'm going to have to get ready for the party I'm going to tonight.

Sooner or later.


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