Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bike fashion visited thrice

I've shown you this pic before, and I'll show it to you again. The picture of me, after I finished my first-ever century (that's riding 100 miles on a bike in one day, FYI):
I was hot, sweaty, smelly, and immensly proud of myself. I should probably take a moment and explain the headband. It bears the name of my former Physical Therapist, the miracle worker who not only got me back in shape after my 2004 surgery, but managed to get me to be able to touch my toes for the first time ever.

To me, that's pretty miraculous.

One day, I was mentioning that the vigorous workouts were making me sweat into my eyes. She suggested that I start wearing a headband, to which I replied "I don't want to come in here looking like Jim McMahon or anything." So, I went out and bought one and put her name on it. She loved the joke. Some of the other patients thought, initially, that that was how the staff kept track of their patients, until the joke was explained.

Without futher ado, here are pictures of two members of my MS Ride team, mopundow, sporting the new, wonderful jersey for 2006! First up, the lovely and talented, not to mention the designer of said jersey, the faboo Jen!

Not only is she the creator of this masterpiece of design, she is one of my assistant captains and fellow riders. We debuted the jerseys at Bike the Drive this weekend, and there was already buzz about it, literally, when someone asked me about one of my sponsors as I was pulled over checking myself out after the bee sting incident. That's just how good of a job she did.

Our next model is Chief's Defenseman Bosco, who did a similar non-cropped pose for us:
Where's the picture of me, you ask? Not ready yet. I don't have one. You, unless you're in to that kind of thing, probably don't want to see my tan lines anyway, right?


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