Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last Day plus 1,085

It has been 1,085 days since I turned 30. Had I actually been keeping track, I'm sure I would have done something special on LD +1,000*, but really, I've stopped worrying about age.

Or have I?

During a recent conversation, I was discussing my friendship with former roommate and friend S, who I have known for 10 years, nearly 11, which impressed me, because he is one of the first friends I made in my post-college, corporate-ladder-climbing days. Given, I have friends I've known longer, my roommate and best friend Jess and I have known each other for 13 years. Jen and I have known each other for almost 14 years, most of which were spent dating or in relationships or sleeping together or pissing each other off in creative ways. Pat and I met in the Spring of 1992, so we're staring down the barrel of 15 years. My high school bunch and I have known each other for as many as 21 years, which means our friendship can now legally buy beer.

The point is that time is fleeting, and boy is it ever fleeting away from me. The Summer of Dave is now the Fall of Dave, just 99 days later. My birthday is in a short 11 days, and my first Wolves game is coming up 10 days after that. All of these things become just a little bit scarier when you quantify them, right? So, for now and at least for the next 11 days, I'm not going to. Well, I'm going to try not to. We'll see how that goes. Peronally, I'm putting my money on not very well, but that's just me, right? Right?

*For those of you scoring at home, Last Day +1,000 was 30 June, 2006- I didn't make a blog entry that day, but I'm pretty sure I went bowling that night.


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