Thursday, October 04, 2007

Counting the times....

I've been working on this since Friday, when a slightly crazed er Doctor put me on some mega-dose anti-biotics: how long has it been since I had a completely sober birthday?

I went back through the past 5 knowing that there wasn't a time I wasn't out drinking for my birthday. Perhaps most legendary (blog-wise) was my 30th birthday, where I woke up the day after the party still wearing everything buy my hockey jersey. Boots and all, folks. Boots and all.

As best as I can figure, my 17th birthday was my last sober birthday. 18th, I was at a baseball game and snuck some beer. After that was college, turning 21, and all that jazz.

On my 21st birthday, FYI, I went to the same liquor store I had been going for 2 years. They said 'hi Dave' when I walked in and everything. It still seems wondrous that they never, ever carded me.

So, I've been sober for this one, and well, oh well. Worse things could happen. After all, I've got a brand new Wii to keep things light and painkillers to boot!