Thursday, November 01, 2007

So, I've reached THAT age.

I was talking with my brother a couple weeks ago about my upcoming trip to Toronto for Accordion Guy's birthday this weekend. I'm trying to put together a trip to Kitchener so I can go see the first hockey team I ever saw play live, the Waterloo Siskins. The conversation went something like this:

"I'm totally stoked about this- it'll be my first time seeing them in ages, what, like, 21 years or so?"

"Wait. When did you see them?"

"It must have been right around when you were born, because only dad and I went. I'd say Spring of 1976."

"D," said my brother, "That was THRITY-one years ago."

Ok, so I'm no longer carrying the one any more. I would have thought of this as an isolated incident, if it hadn't been for a comment I made while speaking with one of our inventory reps today. I had made a comment that sounded like something someone under 10 would say, voraciously juvenile and silly. Then:

"Wow, is it just me, or did maturity levels just drop by about 15 years?"

"[laughing] That sounds about right, funny though."

"Wait. Shit. I just did the math again. 15 years ago I was 19."


"Ok, call it 25, then!"

So, I guess I've reached that age where decades become less important- or, at the very least, much harder to keep track of. This is unfortunate, but manageable.