Friday, October 31, 2003

Warning: Swears ahead!

Well, it took 18 days (which, by the way, totals 432 hours, NOT fucking 24), but I have finally received a response from my letter to Alamo/National. Here it is, unedited, for all the world to see:

Thank you for your email inquiry. I appreciate the opportunity to
your concerns.

Please excuse my tardiness in answering your email. The company has made
the business decision to only accept debit cards if they are accompanied by
a round trip transportation ticket. This exception to the more common non
debit card rental policy at other companies allows us to offer a special
opportunity to the airline industry customers. I apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause you.

We are disappointed that this policy was a source of dissatisfaction for
you. We appreciate your comments and will take them into consideration
for future policy review. We can assure you that it is not our intention
to aggravate or upset any of our valued customers and we appreciate your
taking the time to share your thoughts.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Claudia C.
Customer Service

So, my response, which I should probably just send to Alamo/National:

Go fuck a syphilis-ridden goat, you ass-jousting fuckholes. It is absolutely incomprehensible that they #1: took so long to answer, #2: didn't make me any happier, only managing to apologize, and #3: didn't have the fucking balls to respond with a last name, phone number, or any useful information. Frankly, I could have written a better apology letter and I could have done it within the 24 hours they promise.

So, friends, readers, countryfolk, lend me your online time:

I am hereby calling for all my associates to boycott Alamo/National. I know that frequently, they are among the cheaper of the car rental services, but if the difference is a couple bucks a day, I'll buy you a couple beers to make up for it. Promise. All I ask is that you stop using their services. I already have, and it's already being a pain in my ass.

Alamo/National is fucking clownshoes.

Enough on that. I'm going to have to decide if I want to write back to them demanding further satisfaction, or if I should just tell them to go fuck a syphilis-ridden goat.

I had a long day. And it's probably going to be a long night. I have no costume, I have no desire to dress up, and I'm tired. These are not things conducive to partying all night. Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone. I'm going to hit the shower.

A week off from school...

And all I've done is watch PBS and think a lot.

Last night I found out that probably most all of the "demonic possessions" that christians, and well, pretty much everyone else used as excuses to kill and persecute people were caused by a grain fungus called Ergot. This is how the Salem which hunt of 1692 got started- all these girls were eating bread from the same ergot-infected field of wheat. So, bonus question: what can you make from ergot extract?

(drumroll) LSD! Whoo-hoo!

So, all these puritan christian folk were tripping out, and decided to say that they were bewitched, and all these other folks were tortured and some were killed!

Of course, I know that medical science, much less science wasn't all that, 309 years ago, but c'mon people. Neither was agricultural science, but you might have noticed the black kernels when you were harvesting. Anyways. I'm a little bit high on my horse this morning. I should stop that.

Ok. It seems a lot of people knew this before I did, but if you didn't, well you learned something today.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Angry Dave and the Curse of Windows ME(tm)

Yep. I had a whole shitload of babble written, flowing, running. Then ME crashes. Note to Microsoft(tm): I hate it when your stuff don't work. Make it friggin' work.

Anyways. My original title was Time keeps on Ticking...

And I keep on thinking. It's a curse. It just happens. In the pocket of a poet you will often find the product of an active mind.

I think that's from Cyrrano de Bergerac- I'll have to double check. It's kinda moot anyways, I haven't written anything creatively in at least 5 years. Too bad. I used to show some promise.

So, I'm reading The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking. Seems like everyone was trying to figure out how the Big Bang came about. More accurately, how things existed where everything was infinitely hot and infinitely dense. Well it's pretty well accepted that black holes exist, so here's my suggestion to all those astrophysicists out there. Black holes are basically wells that take in anything that passes its event horizon. So, let's imagine that black holes have a finite space(for lack of a better term). So, if a black hole doesn't dissipate and continues to take in more and more matter, what would happen? It will explode. So, how's that for a theory? Mind you, I am not an astrophysicist, nor would I pretend to be. I'm just a guy who grew up watching too much Nova and Star Trek.

Well, it sounded a whole lot better when I wrote it out the first time. I even made an analogy about what happens if you keep filling a balloon with air. Yadda yadda yadda.

Anyways. I should probably do something useful. Perhaps I'll take some time to kill off some of these pesky brain cells that keep coming up with absurd ideas. Keep in mind, I still have to finish the book, so my little theory may be in an upcoming chapter, but I doubt it. Not because no one else has thought of it, but because it's too simple and dismissable.

I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

Phone calls I don't like...

First thing in the morning. I slept a little late(I was up really late trying to find the best deal on a plane ticket or rental car for Thanksgiving) and had literally just gotten out of bed when my phone rang. Here's the breakdown: Hey. Hey. Where you at? Home. How soon can you be to Waveland? Why? Those idiot drywallers who said they couldn't be there today are there today instead of tomorrow. How soon are they there? In about 10 minutes. I can be there a little after 8. Don't worry, they can wait. Yes, yes they can. See you later. Yeah, see you later.

My boss is in italics. My responses are not. I'm off. Despite having the end of a dream I'd really like to share still bouncing around my brain.

Maybe, if it's still bouncing later, I'll let you know about it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Gabbo Gabbo GABBO!

Sorry. That's the Simpsons episode that's on right now. I'm probably going to find something else to do until the next episode at 6. I should go to the Osco and get some cat litter. It's only a matter of time before she gets way too sick of the box and does something nasty. She doesn't know much better. She's only a cat, a smart cat, but still a cat.

Me, I'm a big dummy who's too tired to want to go to the store so I can buy cat litter and clean my cat's box.

Ok. I'm off. I'll do something. I hope.

On being a regular

You know who's routine is still completely screwed up thanks to the time change? My cat. Mia just can't get back to her regular schtick yet. It used to be that she'd stay in bed until 8:30, no matter what I did. Now, I come out here this morning after watching the news for a bit, and she's already on top of my monitor, waiting for me to sit down and start my morning routine of e-mailing and blogging. Poor thing.

I have to admit it, my friends, I have become overly predictable. Here's three examples of what I'm talking about:

#1- last week, I enter my favorite ice cream parlor(strange for a 30 year old to have a favorite ice cream parlor, yes?) and the guy working the counter says "scoop in a cup?" Of course that's what I want. I got into a discussion with the owner a day before about how I'm always coming in. She comped my ice cream and called me a regular. Who knew?

#2- yesterday, I walk into Ginger's Ale House after a rough morning. I was tired of eating at the restaurants around Wrigley Field and wanted a change, so I came to my local Irish Pub. I walk in, sit down, and a bartender/waitress that I recognize but don't know comes up and gets my order. After I order the French Dip she says "you come in here for that, don't you?" Ok. It's not a prime example(not yet). After sitting for a few minutes, I get my food, and start to munch away when the head chef/manager comes out. She says "I knew it was you." She's referring to the fact that there was a lunchtime order for a french dip. She sat down with me and shared my lunch. She's very nice. Of course, it's almost impossible for me to walk into that place without being offered a Guinness.

#3- again, yesterday, I decide that I don't want to cook any of the plentiful amounts of food I have in the house, so I order a pizza. I call up Giordano's and place my order, and the woman taking my order says, after I place it "the usual, huh?" Now, I wasn't aware that I eat there regularly enough to have a "usual," or even that they were keeping track of what I was ordering(although I suppose it's a good thing to keep track of what your customers are ordering to determine what kinds of marketing you should do).

I was a little taken aback by all this. When did I become so damn predictable? Is this a part of aging? Am I destined to only like the things I like and to not try anything else? I think it's high time I got myself a newer spontaneous lifestyle. We'll just see what happens.

Hopefully it won't be too predictable.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


I want there to be a show where each week you get to see an hour of my normal day. In real time, of course. Maybe not even make it only one day, just have a camera follow me around for that hour of the day each week. So, first off, there's a camera with me from 12-1, you'll see that tonight. Next Tuesday, you'll see what happens to me from 1-2. It'll be fun, because I don't sleep much, of course, I typically sleep from 1-6:30 or so, so it'll start off slow. Imagine the previews: Next week of Logan's Dave 24: Dave gets mad at a motorist and flips them the bird. Terrorists try to seize control of his George Foreman Grill and special guest star Wendy visits from Boston. Tuesday at 9.

Now, who wouldn't want to watch that? Ok. Probably no one, but it'd be funny, no? A reality show about nothing?

I'm sure I could come up with more shows to spoof and turn into something about me. Not that I'm egomaniacal or anything. I just think it would be fun.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Daylight Savings Time

I've always loved it, except for that first couple days. Ya know, how you wake up way too early, or you're hungry an hour early. Of course, I babbled about this yesterday. Let's move on? You're right.

Pub quiz was a lot of fun last night. Our quizmaster is off in Texas, visiting our primary beneficiary, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We managed to raise $8000 last year through pub quiz, and our quizmaster had raised some other cash for them before that as well. We won an honorable mention for most creative fundraising method, too. All this, and it's a good excuse to be drinking on a Sunday night. What more could you ask for? Anyways, last night I subbed in as the scorer while the regular scorer subbed in as the quizmaster. It was really fun. I'd definitely consider doing it once in a while to give those guys a night off. They could use it, too. Me? Right now, I've got nothing really pressing, at least, not until next week.

That seems to be about it for this morning.

Sunday, October 26, 2003


The blog this morning is going to contain some profanities. If you're easily offended by swears, you might want to wait and see what's going on in my life tomorrow.

Hockey is delicious.

Yes, the Wolves won last night. Yes, we scored 3 goals, including an empty netter. Yes, there were 4 scrums where pretty much every skater was fighting someone else. Yes, I saw our goalie staring down the Toronoto Roadrunners' goalie as if to say "are you coming down to fight me, ya yellow bitch?" These things were all good. But there was something that made me mad.

I'm certainly glad that we've all found a new sense of patriotism despite an extreme lack of leadership skills during an incredibly trying time. What I don't understand is why people feel the need to hoot, holler, whistle and cheer when people are singing the national anthem. To quote the movie Slap Shot: "I'm listening to the fucking song!" I don't care how much national fever you've got. Either sing along quietly, mouth the words ala Milli Vanilli, or shut the hell up. No one wants to hear you screaming during our national anthem, bonehead.

On a completely unrelated topic, read this article and tell me how you feel about getting older now. It's funny, and it kinda scares me, frankly. Kids these days.

I'm hungry, and rather tired, despite having the extra hour and all. I seem to remember reading an article back in the old college days about how there's an increase in motor vehicle accidents after daylight savings time changes. This is easily explained, as your body has to reset it's circadian rhythm and get things going the right way again. It's a little rough on the ol' brain.

Time for me to change laundry over. Have a good one, people!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Why stop now?

Let's party for the rest of the night.

Sorry. I've been listening to the new(and last) Warren Zevon album. It's good. It's probably something I shouldn't listen to on the way to and back from a friend's funeral, but I think that's what he would have wanted. Actually, he would have wanted me to listen to Bruce Springsteen or Johnny Cash, but I'm sure he'd like the Warren Zevon album.

Everyone should read this article, just as a friend of Wendy's posted on her blog. I'm starting to sense a theme that we as Americans(although if you were at the comedy show I was on Thursday, you wouldn't call yourself an American anymore), are working too hard for stuff that we don't need. We've gotten away from the basics so far that we're no longer in touch with our needs. This article talks about it. The comedian talked about it. I'm blubbering about it, somewhat.

In honor of absolutely nothing, I'm declaring today to be National Dave's Making Too Many Web Links Day. Don't worry. I won't send you a card or anything, it's just something I came up with.

Ok. I should be doing something. Probably laundry. After all, it's piled up everywhere. My housekeeping skills are definitely not here this week. Any week, for that matter.

There you have it. I'm going to get something done.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Toughest day.

It probably wasn't. It wasn't fun, though. I've said before, I don't handle loss well. We buried my friend today, after waiting 6 weeks from his death. I was pallbearer. I was the closest I've been to breaking down in a long time.

Somehow, I perservered.

Somehow, I managed to get by.

This is not a surprise. I knew exactly what to do. I walked away from the gravesite, about 30 yards, with some close friends, and I turned around when I knew I was safely far enough to be able to not cry.

Ok. No more tears. No more depressing news. No more a lot of things.

I don't need, after all, all the drama I have.

Can't someone, just anyone, keep their distance for a minute?

It's raining women II: Electric boogaloo

How many times can I get away with that joke?

Answer: about three less than I've tried.

I got to see the woman I should be with tonight. I also met another, who, albeit, is too young for me, but still hold the most promise currently.

Life is funny.

I know, I said it again. I didn't mention the other drama going on tonight. I have to leave you guys wanting more, after all.

Let's just say tomorrow will be interesting, despite a funeral and a lunch after the funeral.


Thursday, October 23, 2003

You can tell when I'm sleepy when...

#1- My right bottom eyelid twitches.
#2- I yawn incessantly.
#3- I mix up getting work done before class(which I don't have right now) and work.
#4- I stay up real late the night before.

So, you can see, I was tired when I wrote my previous blog, by only invoking rule #3. But if you've been around me today, you would have noticed my eye twitching and me yawning a lot. The crosswords were a lot tougher today, too.

There's a lot going on in my world today. I'm going to the Wolves game on Saturday night. That's good for me, as I really, really deserve it. Now if I could just get my NHL fantasy team to start winning again...

That's all for now. I've got some stuff to do, and some clothes to iron(funeral tomorrow). Y'all be good.

I'll be there in 15 minutes...

Fortunately there was my house, but it was a late night last night. That's what you get if you're like me, and your friends need you to talk out a problem. It's a 24-hour-a-day job, and I love doing it. So today, I am very tired. I seriously wouldn't trade places with anyone, though. It's good to be me, when I get to help out a friend.

That's it for now, folks. I've got some work to get done before class this morning, and it's got to get done now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Religon and my world.

They don't mix. It's probably for the best. But I am fascinated by people's faith. I find it refreshing and disturbing when I see what people go through for something they don't know is real. Earlier tonight, I watched part of a documentary called Inside Mecca on WTTW, then part IV of Stephen King's the Stand. I watched the previous 3 parts the night before. So, I've got the subject on my mind.

Both my roommate and I were fascinated by what people do for their religion. Faith is such a powerful thing for some people. I, of course, thought and said the following:

"Wouldn't it be fun if we started our own religion based on the writings of Johnny Cash? Just think- then we could have people make pilgrimages to Reno and shoot a man just to watch him die!"

(As a disclaimer, I don't mean to offend anyone of any faith, or anyone from Reno for that matter.)

But, of course, a religion based on Johnny Cash would be grounded very much in a christian faith, which I just couldn't have. Although the tenet don't take your guns to town works on so many levels.

Which reminds me, and since I'm still rambling, why not share this with y'all. I've had this quote of Johnny's going on and on in my head, frequently at very strange times. It's from a time before one of this daughters got married, and her soon to be fiance was coming to visit with said daughter(I think it was Roseanne, but don't remember) Johnny and June at their house in Jamaica. This young man decided that he and Johnny's daughter were going to sleep in the same room, but they didn't want to tell Johnny. The young man was going around, scoping out the various rooms when Johnny caught on to his plan and said to him "son, I don't know you well enough to miss you when you're gone." Not really a threat, but when the Man in Black talks to you like this, you know your ass is expendable.

With that, I'm going to go to bed. I need to be up bright and early tomorrow to get stuff done, because I'm obviously not going to do it unless I put substantial pressure on myself(laundry day anyone?).


I had a discussion with a friend this weekend about games. She says that I have too many of the "same" game on my computer, which is partially true, a lot of them have similar themes, styles, and the like. But they are inherently different. So, when I looked in my little game closet this weekend for my Trivial Pursuit, I suddenly realized that I have 3 different versions of the board game of Monopoly, save for the original, which I got for my computer free from Honey Nut Cheerios. Those are, in no particular order, Star Wars, Simpsons, and NHL Monopoly. So, today at lunch as I'm choking down McDonald's food and reading the paper quietly, I realize that it's absurd that McOpoly exists. There's almost no way to win anything good, unless you pool your resources, and if memory serves, someone got sued for doing that a few years ago.

Seem like a silly thing to blog about? Well, it is. But there's not much that's been on my mind today. Except the fact that a million bucks from McDonald's would make my life a whole hell of a lot easier. So would a lot of other things, but they're not here, either.

More silliness? Ok. I also on the Simpson's version of Clue, a Star Wars themed version of Life, a Star Trek Next Generation trivia game, and the greatest card game ever invented, Tripoley.

Random thought of the moment: I really, really like Mad Libs.

Ok. I've got some work to do. And some Tacos to make(the chicken's been marinating in my special mix of spices and, well, Hornsby's Cider since last night. Should be tasty!

(Completely as a side note, I'd like to mention that my blog spell checker doesn't know the word themed. At least, not until today.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


I just wrote out the whole thing and I was really happy with it, then Cyberspace decided to fall in upon itself.


I was out with a friend last night, and he made a very astute observation that I only hang around quality people. I like it when people make honest, true, and somewhat amusing observations about me and my life. Here's some samples of others from the last 13 years or so:

"I think I know you well enough to know that you're the type of guy who would do that for a friend." -R, 2003
"No matter what shit you go through, you always come out smelling like roses." -B, 1991
"Dave, you're so macho, and yet so sensitive." -M, 1994
"It's not that Dave doesn't like people. It's just that he doesn't like stupid people." -J, 2000
"You're the guy I'm going to call if I have to move a body." -S, 2000
"Let's talk about how smart you are." -D, 1998
"I know you're the type of person who takes pride in their work." -M, 2001

Ok, so there aren't that many, but I'm a little rushed. I've got a job to go to, and well, I'm supposed to be there in about 12 minutes. I still have to shower and shave and all that jazz. Breakfast this morning will be skipped.

Monday, October 20, 2003

I love Trader Joe's!

It's about the only place in the world where I can buy 2 bottles of wine, a bag full of 97% fat free chicken breasts, and a jar of pickles for under $16.

How's that for good news?

Now, the big question is, what am I going to make with all this? Well, probably fajitas later this week. Tonight, I'm in the mood for burgers with spicy German mustard and pickles. Darn tootin'!

I'm hungry, so I'm off to buy my German mustard(I think we're out)!

What is it about this year?

Another person I know died this weekend. We weren't close, but it still happened. Friend of a friend type situation. So, in an open letter to death, I officially request that the people I care about be left alone for a while.

After more than a month, I finally get to bury my friend who died. This isn't going to be an easy funeral. Not for anyone who knew him.

Ok. It's a bad thing to start off a week with all depressing news.

Good news: the Chicago Wolves have started the season really well, they're at 3-0-0-1, the Vikings are 6-0. So, sportswise, despite the losses of the Cubs and the Red Sox, things are going ok in that department.

I debuted my Wolves Jersey yesterday. Wore it to pub quiz. Those of you who live in Chicago, I strongly encourage you to attend. It's for a good cause, and it's a fun way to spend your Sunday nights. 7pm, Ginger's Ale House, 3801 N Ashland. This week, the rest of my team will be out of town, so will the quizmaster, so I'll be keeping score while the head chef reads the questions. It'll be fun!

Enough on the advertisements. It's time I headed to work, anyways.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

It's raining women.

Well, kinda. Let's just say there's been a couple interesting turns in the ol' romance department lately. I'm not going into detail(the names wouldn't be changed to protect the innocent, as there are no more innocents in this department), but suffice to say that my life stands to become a very odd experience in the next week or so.

Don't hold your collective breath, after all, I was badgered enough last weekend to hit on the bridesmaid at my brother's wedding. I can resist. Although I sometimes can't.

Life is funny that way.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

It's just not fair!

How is it that my roommate can sleep until 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, but I wake up at 7? What the hell is that?

Oh well. I do have things I need to get done. I desperately need to do laundry(the hamper doesn't even close anymore), and I've got some loose ends for school to tie up.

At least I don't have class for something like 2 weeks. I promise this time I'll pay attention to when classes start, so I'm not a week early(again).

I'd better get started.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Inevitably, I'll need all three.

Just a warning.

Crunch time...

Of course, now that the presentation is done, I've got a notebook to finish up. I'll be working really hard on that this afternoon/early evening.

I've got a concert tonight, one of my favorite new bands, Turin Brakes. I'm excited.

Tomorrow, I'm setting up a card night with some friends. I like card nights. They're fun. They're easy. I'm also running to spend my gift card, which, as it turns out, is from none other than the famous Crimson-wearing Redhead, Wendy. She sent me an e-mail after I blogged about the mysterious arrival of said gift card. Thanks to her for being everything she is and for the card!

I do love my friends. They're so good. All of y'all.

Senior Project(again)

Somehow, someway, by some miracle, we got through it. Our presentation was good. Our speeches were almost perfect. Somehow, I led these people to an A.

At least, I hope we got an A.

All I know for sure is that the Yankees suck and I feel good about hockey right now.

I hope that's enough to last until tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Senior Project

Well, the presentation is in about 30 minutes.

That means I'll be hopefully having a beer in about an hour.

Let's all hope.

Shooting from the hip is too much my natural style. This is fun.

Big smiles!

What a day.

For lunch, I biked 10 miles, to and from the ABA Building downtown. That wasn't so much fun.

This morning, a woman honked at me because I was biking down Irving Park Road where construction has us down to one lane. Apparently she wanted me to move or something. Where, I don't know. She got called some names. Loudly.

My cell phone was busted today, which I didn't find out until I got home. There were lots of messages. Some I wasn't pleased with.

Such is life.

Weirdest Dream Ever

Ok, maybe not the weirdest, but definitely ranks up there.

I dreamt that I died in a bike accident. I was out by my grandparents' farm, though, not in the city. That wasn't the odd part. The odd part is that I got to interact with people as a ghost. I got to see how people reacted to my death and even communicate with them(that part of the dream was what I would call lucid dreaming, I had to work to get to this point). It was really a unique experience- and a little disconcerting. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see things from other people's perspectives, meaning I didn't get to watch the note I was writing to my mother(because she couldn't hear me) being written in midair with nothing around it.

Anyways, it was weird, but I really liked it. A fun dream, except that it seemed so real, I figured I wasn't going to have to wake up this morning. I went through the whole "I'll never be able to do (blank) again" thing. Weird.

Do not worry, dear reader. I am alive and well. I'm just trying to figure out what this dream means. The Aztecs thought that if you dreamt you were being married that you would die. I wonder if the opposite is true. Of course, that'd be a neat trick. Who am I going to marry?

Food for thought!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Updating before bed.

I am really consistently tired lately. I've been trying to figure out why, as I usually am not this tired.

So, here's what's up:

The Cubs lost, so I'll start concentrating on rooting for the Red Sox.
It is a touch chilly in the ol' apartment.
I'm hungry for pickles.
The cat has been sleeping for 90 minutes.
Lycos mail will be performing scheduled maintenance between 10pm PST today and 11pm PST tomorrow. We all know that that means I may be without e-mail for another week.

That's the quick update. Of course, I didn't mention that I hadn't heard from Alamo as of 11:45 pm my time.

To hell with them. Boycott Alamo!

25 minutes to go...

...until 48 hours without a response from the under 24 hour responding Alamo website.

I know everyone's getting tired of reading about this, but I really can't bitch about that asshole from the cubs game last night. Did he piss me off? Yes. Had I been sitting next to him, he probably wouldn't have been escorted by security out of the game. Well, unless the coroner's office needed the security. I figure he's already suffered enough. Could you even imagine going back to work the day after that? Especially if your office/school/whatever had one other Cub fan in the entire office(and at this point in the space-time line, well, there really isn't a place where you'll not find a Cub fan in Chicago)?

I'm guessing he's on a midnight train to Nome. I sure as hell would be. Enough on that.

Senior project winds up tomorrow. I expect there will be a drink or two poured down the throat of each member of my team. We've earned it. Let's just hope that our teacher agrees with us.

Ok. Time to do some work. Maybe even clean the catbox.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Still no response? I'm getting a little pissed about that.

We'll see. I've got to get home, anyways. Time for some baseball.

I tried to turn the other cheek...

I've always hated that saying, but I had to use it. Still no response from Alamo/National. I'm guessing that they've either a)given up on me as I said I would no longer use their service, or b) they're hoping I'm not as serious as I sounded. Or, c) they don't consider me a threat.

Well, my friends, I'm still Angry Dave. Maybe I'll change the whole course of this blog to an Angry Dave motif. Get some bitching done where the internet community can ignore it together. Nah. I don't want to whine too much. Besides, I'm only here to take down Alamo/National for now. How does that saying go, something about good publicity travels like molasses, bad publicity like wildfire?

Something like that?

40 minutes to go

Just to revive a countdown of some sort- nothing terribly important. It's just that Alamo's website promises a 24 hour response time when you send an e-mail to their comments/complaints department. They now have 40 minutes.

Today was a lot of work in the rain. It was a cold rain. I'm not complaining, really, although I don't care for rain. I found it to be eerily refreshing.

Such is life. I just realized that I still haven't posted pictures from my birthday yet. I'll do those as well as my brother's wedding tonight or tomorrow. I'll probably be at school both nights, after all.

I could use a stress release right about now.

Or a response from Alamo/National.

No response yet.

From Alamo/National. I'm sure they'll be getting back to me soon.

In the meantime, well, I just heard on the news that you can buy an acre of land for $40. Of course, the land is on the moon. I'm thinking to myself: hey- now that'd be funny.

Ok. I'm off to get things done. It's going to be a busy day today, I can feel it. Either that, or the fact that there's rain from here to Iowa this morning is making my bones hurt too much.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Three cheers for me!

If you google Alamo/National, my blog where I initially complain about their service is the 35th hit. That's not bad for a guy who just wanted to complain. Of course, most folks won't get that far, but in the internet world, #35 is pretty damn high on the list.

Next, I'm going to write a letter in response to my friend who doesn't like bike lanes.

Tomorrow the world!

Just because I know this will get their attention, too:

Here's a copy of the letter I wrote in the Alamo customer service message system:

I have been using Alamo for the past two years for all my car rental needs, and up until last week, have had absolutely no reason to complain, until last week.

I booked a reservation, as I had done so many times before, through, printed my reservation (confirmation number 27525901) and considered myself ready to go. Five days later on Thursday October 9th, I arrived after a long train trip to the airport and walked to the counter after riding the shuttle bus to your rental pick-up area. Myself and several other customers were sent on because we already had confirmation numbers and did not need to check in at the airport counter. Upon arriving at approximately 9:15 pm, I spoke with an Alamo/National clerk by the name of Nora. She informed me that your policies toward debit cards had changed and that I would not be able to rent a car without a major credit card. Needless to say, this is not the type of news one likes to hear after the painstaking trip one takes to the airport. She suggested that I could speak to a manager after I explained that I did not have a major credit card and had been using my debit card with Alamo for years without problems. The manager, who wasn't wearing a nametag hence I do not have his name, informed me that he was unable to do anything to help me in my situation. He asked if I had a return flight, which annoyed me to no end, as my Illinois State Driver's License was on display directly in front of him. I felt as though he wasn't even looking at the situation, just regurgitating company policy at me. This is basically what he did. I asked him what he, as a manager could do to rectify the situation. He flat out told me that there was no way he could allow me to rent a car without a major credit card or return flight. Neither of which I had. All he did that was different from the clerk was to point out that on my reservation sheet that it said that I would need to present a major credit card upon pick up (in the past my debit card was accepted in this case). I asked him what a regional manager would be able to do to help me, and he replied that he "didn't know, probably nothing." After that statement, I asked if there was any way that his company would be able to put me in a car for my road trip which began the next morning. He told me that without a credit card or return flight there was no way that Alamo/National would rent a car to me. At this point, I left with my reservation sheet, debit card and driver's license (which I had to ask to have returned to me) and had to then take the shuttle back to the airport, and the train back to the city.

Having worked in customer service in a retail environment, there are a few things I would have done differently if I were running your company. Number 1: I would give managers the ability to make decisions to serve my customers better, even if it goes against company policy. This is the surest way to ensure that encounters like this do not happen again. Number 2: I would have made such an important policy change more evident to those who use your service. That is, I would not have allowed a debit card to be used to make the reservation. Upon review, in order to determine whether or not your company accepts debit cards, I would have to go through three extra steps to find information that I did not know I needed to look up in the first place. Number three: I would never allow a customer to leave my place of business as angry as I was on Thursday night. Although I did not lose control of my anger, I made it clear that I was upset.

I was then and still am extremely angry at the customer service I witnessed that night. I have no interest in ever renting from Alamo/National again, even if I do meet the new rental criteria. I have also spoken with a friend who works at a travel agency, and asked him to no longer refer his clients to Alamo/National.

I will be copying this letter to an e-mail, which I intend to send onto the highest-ranking company officer I can find. Service of this quality needs to be addressed and rectified.

Of course, I left off the closer, but let's just say it said sincerely and my name. I figured you didn't need to read that as well. It is a little moot, after all.


It's the best way to describe my brain lately. Scattered.

I did get some thinking in on my least favorite teams in sports. Here's the list:

New York Yankees
Green Bay Packers
Dallas Stars
Atlanta Braves

Well, it's a short list, but those are teams that I venomously hate.

Ok. That was silly. Like I said, scattered.

I'm off to the grocery store. I feel like cooking this week.

Hide your daughters.

Friday Five, Monday Style

If I don't do it now, I'll never do it, and it's one that I like:

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?
Yes: Hockey, Football, Baseball, sometimes others if I'm patient enough. I get a kick out of the World's Strongest Man contests, if that counts as an actual sport.

2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?
Currently: Chicago Wolves(AHL Hockey), Minnesota Wild(NHL Hockey), Minnesota Vikings(NFL Football), Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox(although I am apathetic towards baseball, I still hold feelings for these teams). Favorite athletes? Well, that's a little more complex, and I could go for hours on it. But, I do have to mention Steve Maltais of the Chicago Wolves.

3. Are there any sports you hate?
I don't understand why some sports are sports, but I can't really say I hate them. I really don't understand tennis, probably because I'm really bad at it. You also wouldn't catch me dead watching a basketball game, but I'll play a game of pick up at the drop of a hat.

4. Have you ever been to a sports event?
Um, yeah. I've been going to hockey games since I was 3, I've been to 2 professional football games, and countless baseball games.

5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?
I've played most sports, but I'm guessing gym class doesn't count. I was a fencer in HS and college, for about 6 years. I played volleyball(intramural and for school) in college until I had knee surgery. I've played on softball teams many times, tried out for the baseball team in 9th grade, too. I used to have a regular Saturday basketball game, but that's been over for quite a while. I also am an avid cyclist.

Ok, now that I'm really late for work, I'm going to go.

Attacking your day.

Ok. I'm not really going to write an inspirational thing about getting your day started. Mostly because I don't want to, but partially because I hate starting my day, anyways.

I received a $30 gift card from someone for my birthday. So, thank you to whoever sent me a gift card.

So, let's get a better recap of my weekend started:

The drive up was fairly uneventful, I got caught in a little traffic on my way out of the city, but I still got up there in just over 6 hours. Wisconsin is pretty when you look at it, with all the leaves changing and all, but extraordinarily boring to drive through.

The wedding was very rainy, and yes, it was outside. Oddly, by the time we were leaving for the reception, it was sunny. I hear this is good luck, rain on your outdoor wedding. It was nice, quick, and fun.

Damn. I got to get to work. More on the weekend's festivities later.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I'm so tired...

I feel like I haven't slept a wink.

It was a long weekend. I'm very tired. I'd tell you all about it, but like I said, I'm just too tired.

Let me sum up:

Wedding was good, rainy though.
Reception was fun.
Drive back was bad.
Seeing old friends again was good.

Going to bed, well, that's priceless.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Ok, I am ANGRY.

Something happened tonight that made me very angry. Let's just say it had to do with a rental car and a company that I'm officially, after 3 years loyal patronage, am dismissing and encouraging all my friends and readers(including a friend who works in the travel industry) to boycott said company, which I will only parenthetically name(Alamo/National). Let's just say that this company has really pissed(Alamo/National) me off and that I will see to it that they are(Alamo/National) run into the ground.

So(Alamo/National), let's all hope that they are feeling my wrath(Alamo/National). I'll be composing a letter to them tomorrow while I drive(Alamo/National) to St. Paul.

Ok, that wasn't(Alamo/National) completely accurate, as it is now almost 1am, so it's today(Alamo/National).

More on everything, up(Alamo/National) to and including what felt like my most(Alamo/National) stressful day as a 30-year-old. These are(Alamo/National) not good things.


Thursday, October 09, 2003

I wouldn't say I'm angry, but...

I am. I got a rep as being "Angry Dave" some time ago. I can't help it. I get angry sometimes.

Right now is one of those times. I'm about to walk into a meeting where I'm going to look like an ass, and for once, it won't be entirely my fault. Ok. Enough on that. I have to get ready, after all.

Yep. That's the situation. I'm somehow going to be able to drive to St. Paul tomorrow. This will be a neat trick, as I'm already far too stressed out for my own good.

Somebody, please give me some good news. I could really use it.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I was certain that I blogged this morning. Although I did wake up late for work, and might have skipped it, I was sure I did.

My friend sent me a Dr. Phil personality test. It told me things that I pretty much already knew. Here's what it said:

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

So, out of those who know me beyond the blogsphere, what do you think? What about those who know me through here? What does anyone think?

If you wanted to send an e-mail, send it to

I'm off. I got dishes to do and laundry to take care of.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Why I bike.

Why? Because of the freedom, the exercise, the ogles I get from girls AND boys when I show off my sexy, meaty legs.

Oh yeah, and because tonight, there were two attempts on my life on the way to school, and one taunting drunk in an SUV(again with the SUVs). There was a letter to the editor in last week's Sun Times about how bike lanes are causing him problems on his commute, up to and including the fact that if there's someone riding in the lane it "they create an obstacle to be maneuvered around on streets that are already too narrow." Well. Oh welly welly well. Let's just say that I'm trying VERY hard to not write back, especially now that I don't have time to properly respond to such a letter(say, without swearing), and especially after tonight's little "run-ins" with the motor public. This includes one woman who was pissed at me for riding far from the curb. Excuse the fuck out of me, lady. I'm sure you wouldn't have driven your piece of shit car over the construction signs that were lying in the street on your way to the Jewel-Osco.

To the guy from the south side who bitched about bike lanes and the apparently huge problems they cause him, well, seeing as I don't live on the south side, nor do I bike there very often, I can't speak to that. I will tell you that if you're having to maneuver around cyclists in the bike lanes, you're doing it wrong.

Ok. End of rant. I've got some other stuff I need to worry about, then I'm going to get back to worrying about some other stuff. And by worry, I actually mean take care of.

Baseball playoffs

It's really hard to work in a building that's only 2 blocks from Wrigley Field, about the most congested and loud place in Chicago right now. I don't mean to bitch, I mean, despite years of complete apathy towards baseball, I do get a kick out of the history of the game, not to mention the mechanics. So, a team who hasn't won it in 95 years is going to capture my attention.

Last night, speaking with my brother, I made a funny. He asked me what I would do if the Red Sox and Cubs were playing against each other in the World Series. My response:

"I would play the fiddle while Rome burned."

I can be funny, from time to time, see? Ok, maybe it's not that funny. Fine.

My e-mail server is being funny. I am not laughing at that. Especially since I'm supposed to be finishing up on some school stuff before I head in. I do not have time for this crap. I was even going to try to, and get this, try to eat before I went, so I wouldn't have to leave early so I could eat.

Anyways. Today is beautiful out, if you live in Chicago. I'd like to look forward to watching the game tonight, but I'll be at school while the game's on. That' not so cool. Oh well. It's only baseball.

So, there you have it, my afternoon rants. Thanks for tuning in.

3 days in and rising

It's hard to know what to write about, in a blog that was supposed to be about my life as I approached 30, now that I've been there and done that, I feel a little lost. In more ways than just the direction of my blog, if you catch my drift. I could write about my newfound adventures as a 30-something, but I haven't really settled on that idea yet. Perhaps, in a couple weeks when this really settles in, then I'll find some direction.

Until then, I think you're going to be stuck with some pretty random tangents.

For instance, I'm tired of hearing about California's recall. I'm tired of hearing Arnold discuss politics. I'm just tired of politics, and we've got a presidential election in, what, something like 13 months? Oy.

There are worse things to worry about. I'm in a weird state, as I've been telling people for a while. The whole month of September, well, we don't have to revisit that, but maybe I should type it out here, a new version of therapy. Maybe not. I'm too tired, anyways.

On the up shot, my brother passed the bar. That's right. We now have a lawyer in the family. It's about the best 30th birthday present I could get, too. So, big slaps on the back to my little brother!

He is, of course, also getting married on Saturday.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Monday, Monday

Sha la, indeed.

I'm extremely late for work because I've been working on my Senior Project all morning. I hate Senior Project.

Wanna hear a funny joke?

I turned 30 on Saturday.

Thats' pretty damn funny.

Ok. I've got to finish up so I can get my day in gear, I just didn't want to neglect my readers to another day sans blog.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

0 days to go

I couldn't come up with a title. There's no countdown anymore.

Here's the line of the year, though, for when I'm asked about how it feels to be 30:

"It stings a bit."

This is, of course, a joke. I'm thinking of the guy in Clerks who has to have Dante pull a Pringles can off his fist. I could probably carry on entire conversations by making reference to movie and TV quotes. Sounds like an experiment I might try on an IM or something like that.

Could be fun.

I'm off! Time to go celebrate turning 30 some more.

Oh my.

Ok, we're all of 10 hours, 34 minutes into my birthday.

It's ok. There wasn't a panic attack(at least, not one that I remember). There really isn't a hangover(despite all my attempts to give me one). Let's just say that sometimes, I can be really, really smart(i.e. buying Gatorade and sipping it descretely all night long). No one was the wiser as to my secret hangover cure. Not to mention I've got some serious electrolytes this morning.

No, I'm not sure what that means either.

Thanks to everyone who attended the fiesta, and to those who didn't, well, my robot army is closing on your position. Resistance is futile.

hugs, love, and kisses!


I'm 30.

Fuck all this shit.

That's my feeling.


Friday, October 03, 2003

4 hours, 28 minutes

It's party time.

I'm going to be late!


More either later(depending on the mood/opportunity), or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading up to this point. I hope it's been educational.

I'm off.

6 hours, 24 minutes to go

WARNING: You can expect me to blog about any little thing that crosses my mind for the rest of the day.

I was reading the last post, and realized I should clarify: I received the first party of Wendy's birthday present to me. We do, after all, share a birthday, with the minor difference that I'm 30, well, not quite yet 30, and she's still only going to be 29.

Ok. I'm going back to my "chores."

7 hours, 11 minutes to go

Wow. I'm just gushing with laughter right now. I got the first part of Wendy's birthday present, and let me just say, I haven't stopped giggling yet. She's got a wonderful talent for making me feel better about my life, no matter how shitty it is, or at least, how shitty I perceive it to be. Plus, a card from my dad came in, and he's got a knack for picking out the cards that make me laugh as well. Giddiness all around!

So, the Friday Five:

1. What vehicle do you drive?

A silver and red Kona Fire Mountain Mountain Bike, 24 speed, front-shocked crazy man's bike.

2. How long have you had it?

Since April 2002.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?

Runs on 100% pure Dave. No Emissions, well, not any that are going to boil off the ozone in the next 100 years. Plus, it's cheap to fuel and even cheaper to park!

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?

Winter is cold sometimes, knees don't like cold.

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?

It sure as hell wouldn't be an SUV. Probably something practical yet nice, like a good Jaguar or something like it. I'm not much for high-end stuff. Four wheels and a motor is usually pretty good for me.

Honestly, I'd probably hippie-out and drive a hybrid somethingorother.

Ok. So there's your Friday Five. Me, I've got a load of laundry to do, a catbox to clean, and some trash to take out in a futile attempt to end the hauler's strike(please, when you watch the game tonight, don't think Chicago is really that dirty).

1 day to go
Part 1: 16 hours, 6 minutes to go

Yeah, the time is from when I start typing. Going back and doing re-edits and the like would be a pain in the ass.

So, here we are. Anybody else as nervous as I?

Carousel. Libra 14. Last day.


Me too.

Now, if the party works out(I've got my doubts) I'll be happy.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

2 days to go
Part II: This is part 2.

I got my jersey today. It's absolutely beautiful. I took a picture of it next to my bodhran. I posted it online already, just, type in in the "view my friend's photos" box. Look for the My birthday folder and check it out. New toys.

I've got work to do. More blog later.

2 days to go

You'd think I'd be in a moderate panic right now. I'm not, really. I guess the events of the past month have really put things in perspective. Either that, or I've learned to cope with it.

The TTPAAS? Let's set it at yellow. I thought we should revisit the old friend before it gets retired. Things do seem to be falling into place right now. I'm rather pleased. A touch hungry, but still pleased.

I was thinking last night as I flipped back and forth between the baseball game and anything else that was more entertaining on tv, that the one thing I truly hate about baseball above all things(and yes, this includes my hatred for the Yankees) is that damn Atlanta Braves Tomahawk chant. Back when I was a real baseball fan(and yes, I was a Twins fan) and we beat the Braves in 91, well I learned to hate it. I haven't stopped, it's just been so long since I've heard it. This, of course, is almost entirely due to my baseball apathy, which struck after the last strike.

Time for me to fly, folks. Be good today.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

III days to go
Part 2: Oh, the magic roman numeral

Id est!

Sorry, I found a Latin book last week abandoned in one of our buildings. I decided, hell, if I've been teaching myself Java and JavaScript, why not give Latin another shot! After all, now that I'm not clouded by Macalester, I'm free to learn something.

Anyways, it's now October. The sun is firmly in Libra, and it's days away from my birthday. Winning first in the birthday card arrival category: My mom's parents! Yee ha! It's a funny number, making fun of a pair of shoes I wore for my junior year HS talent show, which for some reason the director of the cable show decided made for a great close-up for about 30 seconds. It also contained some serious greenback in it(check form), which was sent early specifically to help pay for Friday's festivities. Big love and thanks to them, winners of this year's earliest birthday card arrival award.

Now, let's toot my own horn(again):

Today I was walking to lunch when a guy walked up to me and said "these girls are going to offer you money to help move their couch." Me, of course, being who I am, which is a complete pushover for a pretty face, did it for free, including moving a loveseat up 2 flights by myself. Herculean, I'm not, but nice, from time to time, even to strangers!


But, the second of my self-presents will be picked up tomorrow, thanks to my best friend lending me her car so I can drive all the way to the south side to pick it up. What is it, you're thinking? Well, it's none other than an authentic, personalized Chicago Wolves home jersey. I figured I'd have to wait until I married Mia Hamm and had kids before I'd see my last name on a hockey jersey, but it turns out even a schmo like me can get one. Yes, she's a soccer star, but you gotta hope, right?

Anyways, eamus catuli et al.

3 days to go

3, oh, it's the magic number.

Yes, it is.


So this is October/What have you done/Another year older...

Ok. That last line got me. I'm getting older.

So what? I've got some kick left in me. I'm creating a list of things I'd like to do while I'm 30. Call it a top ten list for the weekend or something like that.

Wendy Will turn 29 in 3 days. So will another friend of ours. Then next week, my roommate and my best friend will have birthdays, 32 and 29 respectively. My grandfather's in there for 71 on Monday, too.

I'm just scratching the surface right now. I know way too many Libras. This is a good thing, too.

Time for work, as I nicely overslept this morning. It did give me time to have a rather bizarre dream about moving to a neighborhood I don't know in Chicago. Kinda freaked me out.