Sunday, February 25, 2007

#3 with a bullet, baby.

Last night I went to Gio's for their bi-monthly American Idol-esque karaoke contest. I had a hard time picking out what two songs I would perform for the judge's approval. Very tough. Finally, I went with an old standard, good ol' Stuck in the Middle with You, and I brought down the house, including getting a guy to perform as Marvin Nash from Reservoir Dogs. After a great deal of deliberation, and some egging on by the karaoke host, I decided to do Best Friend's Girl, and got a woman to dance with me while I sang (sorry, not the one in the picture, that's from last week's performance of Faith with my friend A). It was hot, it was steamy, it was rock and roll.

I was going to do some Johnny Cash, but was talked out of it, and it might have cost me the top prize, but I just wanted to place, which I did, #3 with a bullet, baby. My prizes? A $10 gift certificate to the bar, which is only good Monday through Friday, which is a minor inconvenience, but it'll buy me some tacos and a beer, and a $15 gift card to iTunes. I offered the iTunes card to the Assassin, because she owns an iPod and all that.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Worry not, my friends and readers, pneumonia didn't get me. The boogeyman didn't get me. Jeebus certainly didn't get me.

I'm just a busy man doing busy things.

A couple weeks ago I was having some kind of a banner day, I was walking to work in the morning when I spotted the cab with medallion #1. Later that evening, as I was walking down the street, lo and behold, medallion #2.

Tonight, the Assassin and I grabbed a late dinner and I saw the best cab number ever:


I cackled, I laughed. I made her think I was crazy.

None of these are stretches of the imagination, no?